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Window Covers: Toyota 4runner 5th Gen. 2010-Current

Window Covers: Toyota 4runner 5th Gen. 2010-Current

$ 150.00

Current production time is about 3-5 weeks.

*Fabric Change (as of 12/7/2020), we now have a new fabric with colors: Nickel, Camel, Smoke and Asphalt. Please see the sample photos. 

We've heard from many T4R owners that they are opting to sleep inside their vehicles, rather than opting for a roof top tent or ground tent. So we made covers to add privacy while camping and to help regulate the temperature inside your vehicle. Using water-resistant ripstop polyester (will not trap condensation like natural fibers will), Low-E insulation (aluminum creates a thermal barrier) and high quality rare neodymium magnets, these insulated window covers create a clean and stealth appearance. All covers are magnetic (besides the windshield) and install in seconds. They will not move or fall down, even if the door is slammed. Now offering four color choices: NIckel, Camel, Smoke and Asphalt. Asphalt fabric always faces out, but you choose in the interior-facing color. The insulation we use allows us to keep the black fabric on the exterior, you can read about the insulation below.

Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, Ca, by us, not outsourced. All sales are generally produced in the order that they're received, but we often make small batches of similar orders. Storage bags are included on all orders. 

4Runner: All window covers are magnetic (bedsides the windshield). The windshield has three fiberglass rods sewn in for stability. The front doors and middle doors all have a fold down to access fresh air. The rear quarter panel windows require adding our adhesive steel strip to the top and bottom of the glass. 

Storage: All windows have vertical stitch lines for support and to decrease their size when stowing away.  

Fabric: Polyester with polyurethane coating and UV-stable. Urethane coating gives water resistance and paired with the Low-E, the covers will not trap condensation. No mold or rot like natural fibers will (mudcloth, cotton, or duck canvas).

Low-E insulation: USA-made, mold-proof and waterproof, light weight, non-toxic, no fiberglass, great thermal performance and manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with reinforced double sided aluminum facings. Creates an excellent thermal barrier. See how they rate their insulation performance and learn about Low-E.

Rare earth magnets: We use high quality grade 42 nickel-plated rare earth block magnets that have a pull strength of over 6 pounds each. We use around 30 magnets in a set of rear door covers. They are very powerful. 


Fabric swatches are free, just email us your shipping address.

Nickel: Very light grey.

Camel:  Nice and warm tan.

Smoke: Dark charcoal grey with an evergreen hue.

Asphalt: Black.

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