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  • Do you make custom window covers?

    Yes! We make everything in-house, which means we have the ability to create custom covers for a variety of vans and aftermarket windows.

    See our Custom Window Covers and scroll through the gallery.

    Aftermarket windows can be done remotely, but it gets difficult when a customer has a passenger vehicle that they want cover for (ex. Outback, Suburban, Prius, etc.), as we would need to template that vehicle in our shop. Sometimes, we can use a vehicle in our local community and create patterns. It never hurts to ask!

    For aftermarket windows, such as a custom paneled window in your camper, please send an email with a photo of each window from inside the unit, (as straight and level as possible). We will respond with follow-up questions and/or marks on the photo of where to measure so we can create an accurate pattern.

  • What separates your brand from other window covers on the market?

    We've had a professional sewing business since 2010, but it wasn't until 2015, that we needed window covers for our family's Ford Transit van. At the time, there was nothing available on the market. So, we began developing insulated and magnetic window covers. We tested fabrics, magnets, insulation and then started making all our own templates by hand.

    We were the first to develop insulated and magnetic window covers for the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, RAM Promaster and various camper brands.

    What makes us different? We make everything in Santa Cruz, California. We have the quality fit and finish, using premium materials. We feel that our products are the best in the business.

  • Do materials matter for window covers?

    Absolutely. We only use solution-dyed polyester, which costs much more, but is UV-stable. It will not shrink or fade, like nylon fabric. It doesn't have sheen or reflect light. All our thread, binding tape and insulation is made in USA.

    All magnets we use are N52 neodymium and we do not use them sparingly.

  • Why do you use black fabric facing out? Why not reflective material or a light color fabric?

    We prefer black facing out because it's less noticeable that the covers are installed. Stealth camping is sometimes unavoidable.

    In regards to the insulation properties, we've spoken with the engineers at Low-E. Black fabric will absorb more heat than a lighter color fabric, but because the insulation has two layers of aluminum and a foam core, the thermal transfer is almost negligible between the two fabrics. So we keep the black fabric facing out.

  • What's with the bags and accessories?

    We treat canvas bags and cycling accessories as the glue that founded Strawfoot. We keep a small smattering in the lineup because we still love to build them and they are the products that got the company off the ground. Lifestyle bags used to be everything for us. Window covers pushed us into a new direction without realizing it in the moment.

    We began developing window covers in 2015 out of necessity. Our family built a Transit camper and there wasn't anything available for our van. Window covers have provided an avenue into much more technical fabrics and yet still creating a challenge in 2D pattern making. Canvas bags will always be special to us.

  • Is that Poison Oak?

    Indeed it is. We've paid homage to the Oak for many years now, as our family and friends spend a lot of time mountain biking, hiking and living around the plant. It only seems fitting for our brand.

    "Leaves of three, let them be."

  • What's your warranty and return policy?

    We stand behind all our products. If you have any quality issues, we will take care of you, no questions asked.

    If you receive a product and decide that you would like to return it, you have 14 days from the delivery date to email us and notify us. Email us with your order number.