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Aftermarket Window Covers

Custom Window Covers

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Don't see your vehicle listed or need a custom size window cover for a window in your van or camper?

Vehicles we have patterns for, but are not online yet: Ford Transit Passenger Wagon, Ford Econoline, Mercedes Metris, Chevy Express, VW Vanagon, VW Doka, Toyota Troopy. Please email us. 

We make everything in-house, which means we have the ability to create custom covers for a variety of vans and aftermarket windows.

Aftermarket windows can be done remotely, but it gets difficult when a customer has a passenger vehicle that they want cover for (ex. Outback, Suburban, Prius, etc.), as we would need to template that vehicle in our shop. Sometimes, we can use a vehicle in our local community and create patterns. It never hurts to ask!

For aftermarket windows, such as a custom paneled window in your camper, please send an email with a photo of each window from inside the unit, (as straight and level as possible). We will respond with follow-up questions and/or marks on the photo of where to measure so we can create an accurate pattern.