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Strawfoot is a small operation born of a desire to create functional and durable products from the finest fabrics and materials.

In 2010 I bought a Consew industrial sewing machine and set out to make surfboard covers and tote bags for friends. In many ways, Strawfoot began a sewing experiment, a chance for me to learn a new skill set and explore a different creative outlet. Somewhere along the way, as I developed those first designs, what began as a hobby grew into a business. 

In the past six years, I have refined and diversified Strawfoot’s offerings, from tote bags to backpacks and now a smattering of cycling-inspired products. New ideas and designs are an extension of my own personal interests and the desires of those close to me. Always moving forward, but not losing sight of our original idea.

All of our bags are still hand-crafted in Santa Cruz, California with the same passion for quality that inspired the company to begin with. With the help of Vince Waring, who came on in 2014, Strawfoot has continued to ship goods worldwide. 

We truly enjoy working with our hands and aim to continue building products that we feel proud to use ourselves on a daily basis. 

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Photo credit: John Watson/The Radavist