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Strawfoot is a small operation born of a desire to create functional and durable products from the finest fabrics and materials.

In many ways, Strawfoot began as an experiment. I had been living and working in agriculture my whole life and wanted a new creative outlet, to use my hands doing something I hadn’t done before. So in 2010, I bought a vintage Consew industrial sewing machine to make surfboard covers and tote bags for my friends. Scouring flea markets for fabric and reference pieces led to taking apart old army bags and creating new patterns.

As I learned more, the idea of what I was doing, or maybe more importantly, what I could do, evolved. Day-to-day life provided inspiration: board bags to diaper bags, cycling gear to camping supplies, always creating products my friends and family needed with a focus on craftsmanship and durability.

For me, that always means making things by hand here in Santa Cruz with the shop doors open to the sun and fog and wind, where we cut and sew each item we sell.

We enjoy using what we make and love knowing that our work is out there, keeping people company, while they lead full lives.

Thanks for your continued support,
Garrett Kautz