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Window Covers: Go Fast Camper

Window Covers: Go Fast Camper

$ 250.00

Our current production time is 3-4 weeks.  

Window Covers: Add privacy and help regulate the temperature inside the camper. Made with water-resistant and UV-stable polyester fabric with a DWR-coating (will not trap condensation), Low-E insulation (aluminum creates a thermal barrier) and high quality rare neodymium magnets, these insulated window covers create a clean and stealth appearance. All covers are magnetic and install in seconds. They will not move or fall down, while driving or if you slam the hatch. They do require adding adhesive steel strips to the aluminum panels. Steel strips and storage bags are included on all orders.  

Fit: Currently fits V1.0 and V2.0. Not sure which version you have? V1.0 has steel powder coated space frame, whereas the V2.0 has a black aluminum space frame. 

Video: installing the steel strips.

Video: installing the window cover.

Low-E insulation: USA-made, mold-proof and waterproof, light weight, non-toxic, no fiberglass, great thermal performance and manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with reinforced double sided aluminum facings. Creates an excellent thermal barrier. See how they rate their insulation performance and learn about Low-E.

Rare earth magnets: We use high quality grade 42 magnets. We use around 12 magnets in each rear hatch cover. They are very powerful.

Questions?: If you have questions about the product, feel free to email or call us. 


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