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Ford Econoline

Ford Econoline- Cargo Driver-side and Rear Side Window Panel Covers

$ 275.00

Current production time: 2-4 weeks. 

We designed these insulated window covers to create privacy while camping and help regulate the temperature inside the Econoline van. Many owners want to cover the rear cargo section of the van wall panel. Our magnetic window panel cover provides a clean and finished look while adding some insulation. It also helps protect the metal a bit from getting dented. We also make one for the area behind the driver's seat, we call it the "crew panel". Made to fit cargo vans (not passenger vans).

Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California. 

*Fabric Swatches are free, please email us with your address. 


Fabric: Solution dyed polyester with DWR waterproof coating. UV-stable (will not fade) or trap moisture between layers. All thread and binding tape are polyester and made in USA.

Insulation: Made in USA with a polyethylene core and double sided aluminum facings. Creates an excellent thermal barrier, while being non-toxic and water-proof.

Magnets: Premium N52 neodymium rare earth magnets.

Colors: Nickel, Camel, Smoke, Asphalt. Asphalt faces the exterior, but choose the interior color of choice.