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Insulated Window Covers: Sprinter and Transit

Posted by Garrett Kautz on

It's been a while since our last post. We've been working on insulated window covers for camper vans, mainly the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. We researched (maybe too much) and decided to buy a Ford Transit passenger wagon in December 2016. Since then we have been working out all the details, platform bed ideas, insulation techniques, solar vs no solar etc. One thing that was important to our family was the ability to block out the sunlight when camping with toddlers (or anyone really). We started with a simple curtain idea, then we needed insulating properties and a method of attaching. Six months later we feel like we have found the best possible combination of materials and craftsmanship. 

If you have metal trim around your windows, then you're in luck and we can use rare earth magnets. If not, then we can use steel grommets and specialty suction cups. Currently, we are using Low-E insulation sandwiched between ripstop nylon. Low-E is non-toxic, has double aluminum facings to regulate heat,

class 1 and class A fire rated, will not absorb moisture and is easy to sew. No bubbles, no crunchy noise when it bends and it's made in the USA. So, we have templates made for Ford Transit Medium/High roof vans and Sprinter vans. They're easy to install, take down, they regulate the temperature, provide privacy and come with a storage bag. We have rear doors, slider doors, and crew windows.

Sprinter van insulated window covers from Strawfoot on Vimeo.


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