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Poison Oak Caps

Posted by Garrett Kautz on
Poison Oak Caps

It's been a while since we last offered baseball caps, but these new Poison Oak caps are looking good! Daryl Rogers helped with the artwork and the patches turned out nice on both colors, olive and black. If you liked the old olive green caps (with the leather patch), these are the same fit. They have a fairly low crown, but not too short and have a very lightweight lining. This makes a the cap easy to pack, toss it in your duffle bag or bike basket and it won't get crushed. We used cotton ripstop to make sure it's cool and breathable. Note, if you wash it the cap will likely shrink, so handwash with cool water and hang dry.

What about wearing it in the rain? Well, we've waxed a couple caps to provide water resistance and think they look great. It's easy. Get some wax refinishing compound and rub it evenly over the entire cap. Then hit it with a blow dryer so the wax melts and evens out. It will darken the color. We'll do a blog on this later...


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